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Our Story

Established in 1979, Dr. R Steven Lehman set out to provide premium Prosthodontic and dental care. Over the past four decades, our practice has evolved to serve patients in all of Indiana as well as nationwide. In 2017, Dr. Lehman entrusted the practice to Dr. Tyler Thomas, also a prosthodontist. He continues to craft and perfect the smiles of his patients and uses the most advance technology available.

Dentistry is about more than just teeth; it is about the person. Whether celebrating over a meal with friends, engaging in a deep conversation with family, or just making a statement, we all use our teeth to express ourselves and our feelings!

Your smile is unique to you, and we believe it should stay that way. With that goal in mind, we craft all our restorations in-house by skilled and dedicated dental laboratory technicians. This deep integration between the doctor and technician at every step of treatment is one of the ways we maintain our high quality standard of care.

Many people have anxiety about dental treatment - that is okay! By combining the latest technology with compassion and scientifically validated techniques, we want to give you the best smile and care possible to help you just be,!

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