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Restorative Dental Care Indianapolis

Are you looking for a restorative dentist in Indianapolis, Indiana? If so, it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make for your health and appearance. It can be a daunting prospect, but Indiana Restorative Dentistry has you covered.

What To Expect From Us

When you need restorative dentistry, it’s imperative that you choose a dentist that specializes in the dental work you need. After all, different dental procedures have the potential to change your entire mouth, impacting the jawbone and the structure of your bite as well the natural appearances of your smile.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you know what to expect from your treatment. For example, a quality prosthodontist will provide a comprehensive service underpinned by transparency and clear communication to keep you at ease. Key aspects will include;

  • Diagnostics of your mouth to check suitability,

  • Tooth extraction if required,

  • Digital impressions of the mouth,

  • Dental implant manufacturing in the laboratories,

  • Preparation of the area and use of a temporary implant,

  • Insertion of the permanent implant and final adjustments.

If you need a restorative dentistry, specifically a Prosthodontist you should also expect to gain support in relation to caring for the new tooth. While you can expect to encounter a few days of unfamiliarity, the best treatments will ensure that the transitional phase is relatively short too.

Signs You Need A Prosthodontist

Dental prosthetics are a serious form of restorative dental treatment. While they can restore your winning smile with truly incredible results, the irreversible nature of tooth extractions and permanence of dental implants confirm that you cannot fall into the trap of using this procedure unnecessarily.

Conversely, leaving the issues untreated can lead to serious problems including damage to aligning teeth as well as the jawbone structure, especially if a tooth has been lost. The most common symptoms are;

  • A missing tooth or teeth,

  • Loose or spreading teeth caused by gum disease,

  • Trouble eating foods,

  • Severe damage to a tooth caused by accidents and physical trauma,

  • Bridges, crowns, and other fittings haven't worked.

If you believe that a tooth needs extraction and replacement, there’s a good chance that your gut instincts are right. As such, you should seek a prosthodontist near you. For patients near Indianapolis, Restorative Dentistry provides a winning service.

Restorative Dental Care Near Indianapolis You Can Trust

When you are about to undertake a restoration courtesy of a prosthodontist, you need to be sure that you’ve made the right selection.

As a team, Dr. Thomas and his partners have undergone extra training and experience to provide the very best levels of dental expertise. As a local dentist, we cover all forms of restorative dentistry including crowns, bridges, implants, and full mouth restorations. In addition to our accreditation and memberships, our array of patient testimonials show that our service can be trusted.

By putting you at ease in this way, you can focus fully on enjoying your new and improved smile.

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